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If your penis size is the main factor of getting a successful love life, then it’s time to try something that will assure a permanent growth of your penis. Now, there are lots of myths which are associated with this process. If you are asking the questions like, can your penis really grow? Will it be safe? Then, the answer definitely is yes for both the cases. You just need to choose the correct way to approach the issue.

What Role Does A Size Of Penis Plays In Lovemaking? How To Make That Better?

The size of the penis is always a regulator of self-confidence in bed for most of the men. Larger a penis is, the more satisfaction it can bring it to you and to your partner. Thus, the size of the penis matters in the field of bringing satisfaction for you and your partner. A decent sized penis can bring you satisfaction, whereas the lack of good length can be a source of embarrassment. The cause of having a smaller sized penis can be anything, that is out of anyone’s control.

Genes can play a huge hole, or simply the creation of nature are to be blamed. You don’t have any hand in that, yet, with the help of the modern science, you can initiate the process of extending the size of your penis. There are various manners of initiating the process of penis extensions. You can opt for the expensive painful surgery, or opt for pills, but these processes are not always safe. Here comes another safe process, the penis extenders. These extenders are safe and very useful method of enlargement of penis.

What Is The Male Edge Extender?

The main point of using a penis extender is to get assured about the safety of the whole penis extension process. The extension process should be as natural as it can be. For this reason, you need to use a trustable product in which you can rely without thinking much. One of this product is male edge penis extender. It is a doctor-recommended trustable product which is in the market for some time, helping people to add few inches to their penis, returning their confidence.

The awesome product is created by a company named DanaMedic. This product is a successor or new age version of another product Jes Extender. The Jes extender was created by the same company based in Denmark. This successful product has helped more than million people to grow a larger penis. Later on, in the year 2008 the newest version named Male Edge was created by the same company. It has similar benefit as the previous product with new improved features.

Male Edge Penis Extender - At a glance

Main use

Extending the size of your penis

How to use

Fix directly on your penis

Recommended use

At least 3 hours per day for 4-6 months

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Best Place to Buy Male Edge

The official website



User Rating

4.5/5 (37 Reviewer)

How To Use This Male Edge Penis Extender?

The usage of this product is very simple. It is send to you assembled technically for your convenience. As a result, it gets very much easy to use and all you have to do is to wear it. Wearing this device also don’t need any specific schedule. You can wear this device all through the day, during your sleep or resting mood. To adjust this device on your penis, you need to separate the front pieces from the existing rods of the instrument, and to put this ring to the base of the penis. After putting this Place and tighten the straps accordingly. After that, you need to adjust length of your rod twisting clockwise and fit it into your desired length. Lastly to lock the rod in place turn it counterclockwise, until the you heard the sound of the double click. For getting best results, you need to wear it 3 hours daily.

Male Edge Extender And Peyronie's Disease

Graph Chart

Peyronie's disease signify the development unwanted scar tissue, which is generally called plaque, inside the penis. As a result, this disease makes your penis to bend upward or to the side, which is essentially very painful for the patients. Normally a bend penis is not necessary a cause for concern, but this Peyronie's disease can implement pain in the patient.

Very often, having sex can be really difficult for the pain. Along with that, maintaining an erection can be another grand problem. In some cases, it can lead to the erectile dysfunction. Very often it can cause you severe stress and anxiety.

Regular usage of Male edge extender is proved to lessen the problem of Peyronie´s disease. The cure, however, is not 100% guaranteed. Although in several cases usage of this product has lessened the pain caused by this disease.

Top Reasons To Use This Product

The product Male Edge extender is a popular product which you can use without any side effects to extend the size of your penis. the main reasons for using this product are,

It is designed to fit any size, no matter what the size of your penis is, You can expect it to grow around 2-3″.

Along with extending the size of your penis, it can also increase the quality of your erection

This device is almost comfortable to wear. You can use it privately, wearing the device under your clothes.

The device is Affordable and provides you the permanent results.

Where To Buy Male Edge?

You can buy male edge extender online; The Official Website of this product is the best place to buy this. However, ordering this product online not only send the product on your doorstep, it also send you the beautifully assembled one.