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Jes Extender Review

The size of your penis is a constant source of concern related to your sex life. The length of the penis always reflects your virility, effects your confidence in bed. It is proved from a very early age that a bigger penis heightens the level of pleasure, whereas the smaller penis may not give that level of satisfaction. Now the question is, is there any ways to increase the size of your penis? well, fortunately there is. There are options of costly surgeries or pills with possible side effects. The most effective way to increase the size of your penis is the penis extenders. These extenders are technically a safe and natural way to extend the size of your penis.

Which Product To Use If You Are Looking For A Safe And Trustable Product?

When it comes to the penis extenders, you want to find the products which are old and trusted by millions of males before you. The new technologies are preferred definitely, but the usage rate of the trustable products is also very high. One of these products are Jes Extender.

In the market of penis extenders, the Jes Extender is one of the oldest product which is still available. It is even called the original penis extender from which the penis extenders of these era are created. In the year 1994, this penis extender was created by a Danish doctor Joern Ege, a talented urologist.

Why To Use Jes Extenders?

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This Extender is useful to increase both the length and girth of your penis. This instrument is also a prescribed cure for Peyronie’s disease which often cause penile curvature. The penis enlargement traction device is safe and secure to use. The device is technically easy to use, which is comfortable and you can use it according to your convenience. The promise of a longer penis is fulfilled by this device for a longer duration.

Using this Jes-Extender doesn't hamper your regular lifestyle. You can wear this device a certain number of hours without getting diverted from your work.

If you are choosing to wear these under loose pants, then it won’t attract any unwanted attention.

You don’t have to go for a surgery or worry about the side effects of the enhancement pills while using this device. The scientific technology is fit to give you desired results without any extra hassle.

Jes Extenders - at a glance

Works as

Penis Extender

Main feature

It’s an old legendary product which is in the market from 1994

The main Extension happens

By the cell division of your Penile Tissues


Daily 3-6 hours for steady growth

Need of Prescription



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Where To Buy Jes Extender?

The Official website

User Rating

4.5/5 (98 Reviewer)

How Does It Work?

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The Jes extender is actually a Penis traction device which extends the natural stretch to your penis to extend in a larger volume. The process of this simple extension is effective and very natural. This device applies traction to your penis with a gentle pull. This activity encourages your cell duplication. With that mild stretch, the tissues of your cells get divided and multiplied by many times.

For getting the best results of extension, you need to fit your flaccid penis into the bars of the extender and fix the base ring. Then you have to fix the silicon band and adjust the head. The level of traction can be adjusted according to your comfort level while twisting the extender bars. The bar should not be too tight or too loose.

This device works according to the principles of mitosis. This formula is used by the doctors in the field of bone lengthening, skin grafts in various occasions. Your skin gets stretched, expanding your penile tissues. The penis gets extended in both length and girth with the stretching. Like the regular exercises makes your muscles bigger and stronger, your penile tissues also get extended.

For a start, you can try using this device for one hour or so, which you can gradually increase day by day around six hours.

Maximum 12 hours of use is recommendable. Try using the loose-fitting dresses while using this product, don’t use it during heavy physical activity or at the time or sleeping.

Top Reasons To Use This Product

The main moto of using this product is to achieve a Longer and Wider penis which is able to give extra satisfaction to you and your partner. The main extension of your penis happens by the division and multiplication of the cells of your penis. So, by far it is the most natural way to extend the length of your penis.

This product is also a best possible cure of the Peyronie’s disease, which often leads to the penis curvature.

Where To Buy Jes Extender?

Jes extender comes in various options from where you can choose the best option for you. You have options of Jes Extender light, Jes Extender original, Jes Extender silver, and Jes Extender Gold, Jes Extender Titanium, Jes Extender platinum. The price of these products also varies according to their effectiveness. Among all of them, the Extender platinum package is the most expensive and effective.

You can get all of these options readily available in the Official Website of Jes Extenders. It also gives you the brief about each product from which you can select the best one for you. Each device comes with user manual and DVDs which gives you all the information you need to use this product.