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SizeGenetics Review

All around the world, the sexual need can vary, yet one thing that a potent guy desires is a really large penis. Adding couple of inches to their penis is the dream of every men, especially those who are not satisfied with the size of their penis. Luckily, in the 21st Century, there are medical aids, which can help you in increasing the size of your penis. The permanent growth of the penis is possible, even without any pain or discomfort.

Choosing The Correct Method Of Penis Extension

The area around your male organ is sensitive and very prone to infections or other skin-problems. So, while choosing the methods of penis extension, you need to be extra careful. There are many ways you can take the initiative of extending your penis, like the expensive surgeries. Well, the fact is, these surgeries are not always successful or risk-free. Plus, they come with the chance of infection. Next, there are pills for extending the size, but these pills are not always side-effects free. Here comes the usage of the Extenders. The penis extenders are mostly wearable, easy to use extending devices which initiates the process naturally without pain.

Which Penis Extender To Use?

SizeGenetics™ is one of the most popular extenders which is most recommended by the doctors. It uses the newest 58 MDA technology, which is set to give you comfort along with ensuring the steady growth of your penis. The device mostly applies the stretch along the penis part named Corpora Cavernosa, it holds blood while you have the erection. This stretch helps the split of the cells of Corpora Cavernosa, which ultimately results in the growth. As the Corpora Cavernosa stretches, the blood flow around your penis gets more boost, which gives you more satisfactory erections!

The whole system is very easy, like building your muscles. After a dose of lifting weights, the muscles get stretched like the same way.The stretching of muscles creates small micro tears around the area, and cell duplications takes places around the muscles.

Due to cell duplication, the area around your muscle heals, but only after causing the permanent growth. After using penis traction devices, you can get similar results. By using this device, your penis simply becomes larger and firmer.

Sizegenetics-at a glance

What is Sizegenetics

Penis Extender

Important reason to use

Recommended most by the doctors

Main intention

Permanent extension of penis with the help of traction therapy

Technology used

58 MDA Technology

The use of this Technology ensures

Comfort while extending your penis

Added Benefits

Fighting the problems like

Peyronies disease

Micro penis syndrome

Side Effects



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Why Using This Product?


This method traction was being used by the humankind for ages, women of a special tribes of Myanmar has been using this formula to extend their neck from a very early time. It mostly creates the gaps between the cells. After the gaps has been created by the Cell division, the process of the growth of new cells starts along with the division of the old cells. This process helps in the permanent growth of the penis.

This process is also responsible for increasing the size of the ligaments which connect your shaft to another pubic bone, which helps your shaft to hang properly.

This product helps you to fight with the conditions like Bent penis syndrome, which normally cause the curvature of the penis. This condition also called the Peyronies disease. For this, your penis can bend in an awkward level. There is also Micro penis syndrome, which can cause the lack of the growth of the penis. For these two conditions, usage of this device can resolve the issues to some extent.

How To Use Sizegenetics?

The use of this product actually very easy. You just need to wear the extender each day. At least 3-5 hours daily is recommended to add couple of inches to your penis. After 6 months of daily use you can expect your desired results. For the start, you can use it for an hour or so, which you can increase in later date. Meanwhile, if your penis is sore, you can skip one or two days. It normally takes 2-3 weeks to get adjusted, so allow yourself that time for your body to get used to the traction therapy.

Putting on this device is easy, first adjust your penis through the base ring of the device. Then adjust the elongation bars according to the size of your penis. Make sure the penis is stretched, but it’s not uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The right amount of tension is a must to start the proper procedure of extension. The head of your penis must be adjusted to the headpiece and then adjust the comfort straps properly.

You need to wear this device with the loose clothes. If you are comfortable, you can wear it on your work similarly when you are taking rest. Using much time wearing this device can gain you faster results. However, the device contains a DVD with all the information and instruction related to the use of this product.

Is This Product Right For You?

The main factor which is associated with this product is the 58 MDA technology. It is a new age technology which ensures comfort, while ensuring the steady growth of penis. This product is recommended by the doctors. It also claims to have real testimonials of the penis extension.

These are mostly the before and after usage pictures of the penis, which has gained a few inches by steady, constant and gentle stretch applied by the device. So, if you are looking for a doctor-recommended product which gives you comfort while ensuring the steady growth of your penis, then this is your product.

Top Reasons To Use This Product

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The method Sizegenetics uses is completely safe. It normally uses the age-old Traction method to initiate the growth of your penis. This formula helps in growing your tissue cells to grow naturally. As a result, the size of your penis grows naturally without any pain or side-effects.

The whole traction process also increases blood flow around the penile area. So, it initiates the chance of having healthier and long-lasting erection.

It also helps to fight the special conditions like Peyronies disease and Micro penis syndrome. There are various versions of this product, some of them are also issued according to the special cases like Peyronies disease.

Where To Buy Sizegenetics?

The best place to compare the various versions of this product and selecting best among them is The Official Website. You can directly buy the products from this official website without any hassle.