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X4labs Extender Review

Does your love-life is getting hampered due to the size of your penis? Is the only problem you have in your life is a small lovemaking tool which is stripping off your confidence? Then, it’s definitely time for taking some action to make sure to treat this deficiency. Thanks to the modern technology and the new age instruments, now you can add a few more inches to your penis without much hassle.

What Is The Safe Method For A Penis Extension?

With the growth of the science and modern technology, there are multiple method available through which you can extend the size of your penis. There are expensive surgeries. Apart from being costly, these operations are not always safe. Next, there are pills, but they are not exactly side-effects free. So, technically the options left are the devices which helps in extending the length of your penis in the safest way. These are called the penis extenders. There are lots of products available in the market which are safe and trustable to use. One of these products are X4 lab.

What is X4 Lab?

The product X4 Labs is one of the most trusted one in the segment of penis enlargement. Over a decade this product is helping people to enlarge their penis for a perfect dose of lovemaking.

The primary purpose of using this extender is to increase the length of the penis. The growth of your penis not only occurs in terms of length, it also helps your penis to grow thicker.

So, technically, x4 extender not only increase the length of your penis, you also gain some growth of your girth. Along with increasing the length and girth of your penis, the x4 extender also contribute in increasing your erection strength and the intensity of your orgasm.

X4 lab extender

Used as

Penis extender

The technology used

Advanced traction therapy


Extend the length of your penis naturally

Additional benefits

Increase the strength of your penis, make your orgasm more intense

Where To Buy X4 Labs?

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How does it work?

Growth Guarantee

The increase of length and girth of your penis is done by almost in a natural method by the X4 Lab extender. It uses advanced traction therapy to increase the length of the penis. The tribes from Burma use this same theory to extend their neck.
It exerts the progressive and prolonged tension to the penile tissues which helps in stretching your penis for a couple of inches more. This device contains the parts like tension springs, extending rods, tension screws, which are used to exert this tension.

For using this traction device, you need to attach the device to your penis. you need to put your penis in the large hole of base of this device. The head of your penis needs to be strapped, which you can do in two ways.

You can attach this head with the silicone harness. It is supposed to form a noose just beside the head of the penis, or you can strap your penis like belt.

After fixing the strap, you need to attach the rods and the tension screws. Fixing the rods in the right manner is to help you to increase the penis length. the rods keep the tension intact which constantly use the outward pull to your penis. This tension can be kept intact by pulling the screws, which you can control according to your wish.

Top reasons to buy this product

The main feature of the X4 Labs is it helps to increase the size of your penis through traction therapy. It is a traditional yet a modern-aged therapy which is absolutely safe to use. Overall, this traction therapy is most effective therapy to add couple of inches to your penis. it normally applies gentle pressure which slowly increases length as well as the girth at your penis.

The application is easy, and it is comfortable to wear. It has even given the title of “world’s most comfortable” penis enhancer by some of its users. Apart from its regular slots, you can use the add-ons to customize your choice able fits. So, you can use this device according to the perfect comfort level fit for your current and increasing penis size.

Along with increasing the size of your penis, it also enhances the strength of your erection and the quality of the orgasm to increase the overall intensity of your lovemaking session.

Best place to buy this product?

The best place to buy this product is from their Official Website. There are various variants of this extender is available on the website which you can buy. The rice differs for each product. You can choose any of these products according to your need.